Welcome Prof. Donghua Zhou from Kunming University Science and Technology, China to be committee member!

Prof. Donghua
Kunming University Science and Technology, China(link)

Research Area: Concrete, Steel and Composite Structures

Research Experience:
My research deals with basic theory of concrete, steel and composite structures. In recent years the following achievements are reached: (1) According to the constitutive relation of concrete and steel the analytical formulas to determine the section bearing capacity are derived for bending and compression members. (2) It is made possible that the bearing capacity of eccentric loaded slender columns can be analytically and quickly calculated by hand. (3) Many nomograms to easily and quickly determine buckling load for irregular framework are made. (4) Under consideration the existing slip in the interface of composite beams the analytical formulas are derived for easy calculations, in which solving differential equations is unnecessary and only algebra equations are need to be solved. Besides it has a high computational accuracy. (5) Many analytical formulas for calculating effect of concrete creep and shrinkage on composite beam are derived.