Welcome Evp. Shanhu Qin from Tongji University, China to be committee member!

 Evp. Shanhu  Qin
Tongji University, China(Link)

Research Area: Green Architecture, New Technology Applications and Scientific and Technological Innovation, Building Structure,Technical Quality Problems Arising in the Construction, and so on

Research Experience:
Working experiences:
Chief architectural engineer of Guangdong Tengyue Construction Co., Ltd
Former chief architectural engineer of Beijing Construction Engineering Group

Professional backgrounds:
Effective handling of the technical quality problems arising in the construction during the work. For instance, the foundation excavation and precipitation, the research and application of scaffold formwork system, unloading platform design, steel structure hoisting, high-strength concrete ratio and thermal calculation and design development. Compiling the various construction organization and organizing special scheme demonstration. Having rich experience in all types of building structure. Taking part in forefront of new technology applications and scientific and technological innovation activities, and with nearly complete construction industry science and technology experience. For example: green construction technology /BIM, information technology / new technology application demonstration / scientific research and development / simulation analysis and monitoring, model test/QC, construction methods, etc.
Being responsible for the technical and quality management of the company and the project, and ensuring the implementation of the relevant terms and conditions in the contract at the secondary unit and the first level project. In addition to do well the company quality system, science and technology project daily technology, quality management and training work, but also to choose the project in accordance with the "green building three stars" standards of construction, do the 10 categories with 42 items of new technology application, and cooperate with three famous domestic universities and jointly launch four domestic leading scientific research, presided over the completion of the group the scientific research fund project , the organization and implementation of intellectual property and the construction method of the declaration, guidance of scientific and technological achievements and the paper writing and the awards, and the quality of technology management of contractor hosting professional subcontracting.
Personal honors:
Member of the Chartered Institute of Building from October 30 , 2010.
Member of BIM Application Professional Committee of China Construction Industry Association from October 2013.
The Gold Award of China’s Construction Engineering Steel Structure presented in March 2014 
The third prize of China’s First BIM Application Contest of Construction and Engineering presented by China Construction Industry Association in 2013.
The third prize of the Second Longtubei National BIM Contest presented by China Graphics Society and the Education Training Center of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China in 2014.
Academic accomplishments:
I have held one national copyright and published 15 articles in national top journals on construction.